Best ECG Smartwatch 2022

Best ECG Smartwatch 2022

ECG Electrocardiogram or EKG [Elektrokardiogramm] smartwatches is a wearable device that enables you to track and monitor your heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen level as well as skin temperature.

ECG smartwatches can easily detect heart problems and when it does, it immediately calls for medical assistance and at the same time giving your location. In addition, ECG smart watches can also detect when there are early symptoms of atrial fibrillation which is a disease caused by stroke.  

In this article, we are going to cover the Best three (3) ECG or EKG Smartwatch and smartwatch Brands that are reliable to purchase from the market. 

Best 3 ECG Smartwatch Brands


Apple watches are products developed by Apple Inc. It is associated with fitness tracking, health-oriented capabilities and incorporate with iOS and other Apple products and services. 

In September 2018 Apple watches announced its first ECG and irregular rhythm features built in to their products. 

Samsung Galaxy 

The Samsung Galaxy Watch was invented by Samsung Electronics on 9 August 2018. Later in February 27 2021, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Galaxy Watch 3 confirmed and update in unlocking its ECG features for European countries.


Fitbit watches can detect the rhythm of your heart using the electrical sensors built in the watch. The electric sensors are placed on the back of the Fitbit watch on the metal face around the face. 

With these electric sensors, when in contact with your body, the ECG app will display the records of the electrical signals from your heart. 

Are smart watch ECG accurate?

On August 31, 2020 JAMA cardiology published online the watch ECG accuracy was 90%. It identifies the absence of a heart attack among the health people. The ECG app built in the smart watch generates 93% to 95 % accuracy indicating different types of heart rhythm.

Which smart watch has the most accurate ECG?

Apple watch Series 4 was the first ECG watch to take heart rate reading from your wrist than the medical ECG operational machine. Since the development of ECG on smart watch Apple watch series monitor with ECG app has the most accurate ECG readings.

Can a smartwatch detect irregular heartbeat?

Not all smart watches have special features to detect heartbeat. As for the smart watch with ECG app and approved by FDA are most reliable smartwatch to detect a wearer irregular heartbeat. The ECG Smart watches from Apple, Samsung and Fitbit comes with instruction and guide on how to take an ECG.

Advantages and Disadvantages of ECG smartwatches


  • simple and user-friendly 
  • detect early signs of Atrial Fibrillation 
  • It’s very handy, light-weighted and wearable like any other ECG machines. 
  • It is reliable for tracking heart rate  
  • The Food and Drugs Association approved ECG smart watch are reliable for health reports 
  • Can share report of your ECG smart watch with your doctor. 
  • Send Emergency SOS to your families to identify location. 
  • With a press of a button for 30 seconds you can take an ECG.  


  • It cannot determine a time of heart attack.
  • It is very expensive to purchased
  • Can identify heart rate only during ECG
  • Can give false alarm on users with a Pace Maker

The American Heart Association have approved that smart watch with ECG can help Doctor keep records of patient’s heart care. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have approved ECG smartwatches that will help promote health and early detection of cardiac arrest by detecting atrial fibrillation.

Atrial fibrillation and irregular heart beat can cause cardiac arrest or stroke if not treated early. With ECG smartwatch being introduced in the market, the sensor can indicate early warning signs of cardiac arrest such as abnormal heart rate and AF 

Here are the best FDA approved ECG smartwatches that you can that you can rely on

  1. Apple Watch Series 7
  2. Apple Watch Series 6
  3. Apple Watch Series 5
  4. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4
  5. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3
  6. Fitbit Sense

Apple Watch Series 7 

Apple Watch series 7 is the newest model of ECG smart watch 2021. It is the most durable apple watches ever built with crack resistant from crystal.  

The application supported Fitness Tracker, messages, GPS, Pedometer, Time Display, Weather, Sleep monitor, Voice assistant, heart rate monitor, music player, alarm, music player, etc.  

 With Apple watch series 7, the Food and Drugs Association have approved the ECG sensor. It allows you to measure your blood oxygen level, check your ECG anytime and have a lot of health workouts tips from Apple Fitness+ app. 

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple watch series 6 is always on retina display with ECG app built in the smart watch it enables wearer to take an ECG anytime. 

The apple watch series 6 has Key features such as GPS, cellular data to make a call and text without using your phone. 

Moreover, it also measures your blood oxygen with the new electrical sensor app attached and keep track record of your health care workouts.

Apple Watch Series 5

Apple watch series 5 is capable of tracking sleep and fall detection. It is water resistant and you can swim up to 50m deep. 

The apple watch series 5 has GPS, music storage, electrical and optical heart sensors and always on retina display. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 

Galaxy Watch 4 has Bioactive sensor to measure your heart health. It takes up 30 second to take an ECG, then app will assess it for irregular heart rate such as AF. 

The smart watch Galaxy 4 has nice and sleek design with advance health and fitness tracking. It also has advanced sleeping mode with more than 90 sports modes to choose from. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 

The Galaxy watch 3 is the best EKG smartwatch for Android users with FDA approved that enable users to track their health care and share with their result with their medical practitioners. 

Galaxy Watch 3 allows wearer to take an ECG along with blood pressure. It can also detect hard fall and send an SOS message to your location of emergency number. 

Fitbit Sense 

Fitbit sense is a well-known fitness tracker smart watch with FDA approved ECG tracking sensor that enable user to measure their heart rate. 

The watch battery life can last you for six [6] days, depending on the usage despite streaming music online or other apps that will use up fast your battery life. But with a twelve [12] minutes recharge can surely give your watch a 24hour battery power for the day.